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The Morris + King Company Office

Located in New York City, the Morris + King Company is a leading independent PR and marketing firm that recently finished a complete renovation of its offices, the results of which are nothing short of spectacular.  Under the direction of Judith R. King, partner and principal of The Morris + King Company, along with the help of David Aldaheff, a recognized leader of the avant-garde movement in furniture design and owner of The Future Perfect, the Morris + King offices were transformed into a vibrant workspace that is both functional, and fun.

The vision and theme of the redesign was a glowing ice cube with hidden surprises, which is perhaps the most visible in the blue ice-cubicles.  Fabricated by design firm Panelite, the cubicles contain dimmable stacked cube lamps, and desks with glass tabletops that reflect the tranquil blue hues from the cube walls.

The rumpus room is a stylish conference room that features an eclectic collection of blue chairs, including cast aluminum prototypes of 1970s Air France lounge chairs, velvet seats from the former cruise liner Stella Solaris and a pair of rocking chairs from Bensen.  The room also has a fully stocked back, a built in plasma tv, and even a Nintendo Wii system.

To accentuate the theme of the redesign the office was decorated with an inspiring collection of paintings, sculptures and photography, including 11 custom-designed abstract paintings that reside on the walls of the firms 40 foot gallery whose bold colors and sharp geometric shapes appear to be in a continuous state of motion.

Between its vibrant colors, stylized furniture and calming ambiance, the Morris + King Company office definitely looks like a great place to work!

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